About Toni-Jo

With more than 20 years of retail experience Toni-Jo Mitchell opened Herbs for Life Natural Health Emporium in 2002. She became aware of the need in her community for accurate information and education regarding holistic health and self care.

Toni-Jo is a Certified Herbal Consultant having graduated from the Tree of Light Institute. She also took advanced training from the New York City School of Iridology. When she felt the need for further training to be better able to serve her customers and clients, she enrolled with the Clayton College of Natural Health. Clayton, having just celebrated its 25th anniversary, is one of the oldest and most respected natural health colleges in the country. Toni-Jo has recently received her bachelor's degree in Holistic Nutrition and is currently enrolled in the Doctor of Naturopathy program.

Traditional Naturopaths do:

In teaching clients how to live a healthy, holistic lifestyle, Traditional Naturopaths follow these principles:

DO NO HARM...Primum non nocere is part of the Hippocratic oath. Naturopaths do not use harmful, artificial substances such as drugs and pharmaceuticals; nor do they use invasive procedure, such as surgery.

RECOGNIZE THE HEALING POWER OF NATURE...Naturopaths understand the body's innate capacity for self-healing. They educate clients in creating external and internal environments conducive to healing.

FIND AND ELIMINATE THE CAUSE OF POOR HEALTH...Naturopaths help clients evaluate lifestyle choices to identify both the cause of a problem and how to correct it.

TEACH HEALTH...Naturopaths teach clients how to achieve and maintain good health. They empower clients, enabling them to participate in the process of staying well.

HONOR THE TOTAL PERSON...a person is never simply a headache, or a backache, or a sore throat. Except in the case of acute injury, seldom does any problem occur in isolation. Naturopaths understand that people are interconnected physical, mental, and spiritual beings, and that one "dis-ease" affects all areas of life.

PREVENT "DIS-EASE"...In teaching how to create homeostatic balance, naturopaths help others achieve future health as well.

Traditional Naturopaths DO NOT:

In teaching clients how to live a healthy, holistic lifestyle, traditional naturopaths avoid certain allopathic practices:

DIAGNOSE DISEASE...Naturopaths perform evaluations and assessments to determine the root cause of problems, but they do not diagnose disease.

TREAT DISEASE...Naturopaths focus on health and education, not on treating any specific disease. Naturopaths empower clients to create internal and external environments that are conducive to good health.

PRESCRIBE DRUGS AND PHARMACEUTICALS...Many Naturopaths teach clients about herbs, homeopathic remedies, and the healing properties in food and nutritional supplements. They do not prescribe drugs and pharmaceuticals.

PERFORM INVASIVE PROCEDURES...Naturopaths do not perform invasive procedure such as surgery of any kind. They do not give injections or draw blood.

Toni-Jo's husband Perry is actively involved at Herbs For Life and can frequently be found working the counter and assisting customers.

Together they have attended natural health conferences all around the country so they may continually be learning new information to help those who seek their assistance.

Toni-Jo and Perry have 3 children, Jeffrey, Laura and Gina and one grandchild, Gage Alexander. They also have 2 cats Carmel & Kitty and Sophie & Oscar their dogs.