About Herbs for Life

Herbs For Life was conceived as a place for people to buy quality supplements at a fair price.

Which company(s) to do business with was the single biggest decision we had to make when opening our shop. There are so many supplement companies out there, all claiming to be the best.

What's frustrating is to see people research a particular herb or ailment to gain knowledge about their health and then go down to the local discount store to make their purchase.

When no positive benefits result from their herb experience they get disillusioned and think "herbs don't work". Well, HERBS DO WORK ! But when you purchase them from companies that the bottom line is profit not quality, you aren't going to get the same health benefits. With the supplements I use with my clients at Herbs For Life, you are getting the best possible products available for you and your family.

When I first started out my intention was to sell just supplements at the shop. I quickly realized that for true healing to begin you couldn't just focus on the physical body. The mental and emotional well being of a person was just as important. That's how the rest of the shop came to be. So please check out our web store where you find teas & teapots, mugs, candles, books, jewelry, gifts, essential oils, bath salts, personal care items and much more. Enjoy!!